Berlengas Archipelago

June 2 to 9, 2007

The Berlengas Archipelago is formed by a complex of eroded cliffs of metamorphic rocks and pink granite, unique in Europe, a trace of ancient geological processes, a result of the clash of the Gondwana and Laurussia supercontinents. The Berlengas are influenced by the coastal outcrop and they are located at the top of the cliff of the Nazaré Canyon. These conditions contribute to a remarkable productivity and diversity of species and sea habitats of the region, among which several bird species that depend on the sea and on the isles to find food and a nesting place, and a halophytic vegetation, typical of the cliffs.


This was the first Grupo do Risco project. The drawings and photographs we made were used to create an exhibition with the aim of promoting the public discussions to prepare the application of the Berlengas Archipelago to the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.


Filipe Franco, Henrique Queiroga João Lucas, Marco Nunes Correia, Pedro Salgado, Sandra Tapadas, Sara Simões

Sponsored by:
Câmara Municipal de Peniche | Instituto de Conservação da Natureza e Florestas

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