Caramulo Mountains

March 20-24 & October 11-13, 2013

The Caramulo Mountain is a granite and slaty massif the erosion processes of which resulted in rugged bare outcrops and many streams, to which the most well-preserved natural habitats are associated. Pine woods, eucalyptus forests and grasslands stand out in the broad landscape, where small communities with theirs homes and granite granaries fit. One of the visits by the Grupo do Risco took place soon after the summer of 2013 great fires, responsible for the destruction of thousands of ha of forest and farming land and that severely affected the local population.

We first visited the Caramulo Mountains during the spring of 2013. During the following summer several major fires destroyed thousands of acres of forest and agricultural land. We visited again the Caramulo during early fall to record the damage. The images in this page show our interpretation of the Caramulo before and after the fires. An exhibition was created from this work.


Sponsored by:

Associação Cultural e Recreativa de Tondela | Municipality of Tondela | Local Council of Guardão | Hotel do Caramulo | Consórcio de Promoção do Caramulo

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Pedro Mendes