The Flores Island

August and September 2019

The Flores Island is the westernmost of the Azores Archipelago, in the Atlantic Mid-Ridge, and is included in the Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO World Network, due to the relevance of its vegetation and its landscape, geological, environmental and cultural values, as well as to the excellence of its sea area. The island was formed in the late tertiary period and spreads for 88 square miles, showing countless formations of geological value. The Flores Island displays a complex topography, with high cliffs and steep valleys, a great number of water lines and high waterfalls. The heavy rainfall renders it the greenest island of the group.

The Grupo do Risco came together in the expedition to the island of Flores in 2019, through volcanic calderas and fajãs, valleys and mountains, along the beautiful paths of the island in cross routes.


António Coelho, Catarina Costa, Cláudia Baeta, Cristina Espirito Santo, Dilar Pereira, Francesco de Aguilar Milanese, Henrique Queiroga, José Paula,

José Perico, Luís Quinta, Luísa Passos, Marcos Oliveira, Nádia Torres, Pedro Mendes, Pedro Salgado, Rita Cortês, Susana Lemos

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