International Douro

March 21 to 29, and October 25 to November 2, 2008

Sponsored by:

Municipality of Miranda do Douro

Most of the Douro river’s course, bordering Portugal and Spain, flows in a dramatic cliff valley, carved in a granitic mountain range. The whole region presents a remarkable variety of lithological formations. The Douro and its tributaries are strongly intervened by dams for the hydroelectric production of energy, and both the Miranda do Douro and the Picote Dams are located in this region. The plateau territory of the International Douro has low human occupation and is characterized by a bare patchwork of granitic and schistose outcrops, broom and rock rose, grassland and moors, and several primitive Iberian forest hubs. This is the home of the Egyptian vulture, the royal eagle, the wolf and the fawn.

Two expeditions were carried out to Douro International in the Fall of 2008 and the following Spring.


António Coelho, Catarina França, Dilar Pereira, Filipe Martinho, Henrique Queiroga, Marco Nunes Correia, Marcos Oliveira, Nádia Torres, Pedro Fernandes, Pedro Mendes, Pedro Salgado, Sara Simões

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