Laurisilva Forest

April 26 to May 4, 2012

The Laurel Forests are found in subtropical regions of damp climate and mild steady temperature all year long. The tree species are always green, known for their long and shiny leaves, letting the water drop and allowing for transpiration and breathing. Although the Laurel Forests were earlier prevalent in Europe and Africa, nowadays they can be found in small hubs. Several of these hubs are located in the Macaronesia, one of the most prominent in Madeira Island. The Madeira Laurel Forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


António Coelho, César Figueiredo, Dilar Pereira, Filipe Martinho, Guida Casella, Henrique Queiroga, João Catarino, José Louro, José Paula, Marco Nunes Correia, Marcos Oliveira, Nádia Torres, Pedro Mendes, Pedro Salgado, Sara Simões

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Municipality of São Vicente | Municipality of Porto Moniz | Municipality of Santana

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