Sabor River

May 3 to 11, 2014

The Sabor is a large tributary of the Douro’s left bank, considered one of the wildest rivers of Europe until the building of the Baixo Sabor Dam and the filling of its reservoir, started the very week the Grupo do Risco visited the site. The destruction and scattering of the habitats and the isolation of the populations of land and water species that derives from the reservoir’s creation became an issue scientists and ecologists are worried about. In this valley, that crosses a region of mild hilly nature, the vegetation mixes juniper woods, pastures, and almond olive groves, with riparian galleries, mud flats and associations of xerophytic plants on higher locations.

The Grupo do Risco visited the Sabor valley, just before the reservoir was filled, and the water level was slowly reaching the dam’s highest level downstream. The Group has records of landscapes and the environment, currently under water.


António Coelho, Delfim Ruas, Guida Casella, Henrique Queiroga, João Catarino, José Louro, José Paula, Lúcia Antunes, Marco Nunes Correia, Marcos Oliveira, Pedro Mendes, Pedro Salgado

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